Completed Ultralight Hybrid Bunk Latch Repair

Our 1999 Aerolite F-16 has been for your nearly all part a new well-built unit along with we've enjoyed it thoroughly. like virtually any ultralight RV, it's a breeze to tow, as well as the expandable ends give it room for that loved ones and then for gear storage. Using the particular ends up, it's a hardwall together with space enough for a couple.

However, the actual T-handles which latch up the particular fore and rear bunk beds tend to be fastened merely inside the 1/4" plywood associated with the surface shell. they Will aren't anchored for the frame of the bunk. Since time went on, your force about the latch twisted the particular wood, which in turn necessary me to become able to tighten up the particular latch to end up being able to maintain the seal. This additional force eventually further distorted the actual wood, requiring a lot more tightening, that trigger further distortion...

Long just before I ran from adjustment room, I remarked that further tightening had not really been the particular solution. I necessary something stronger compared for you to the thin plywood of the doorway to hold contrary to the tension in the bolt against the frame and also seal.

Parts Checklist for Hybrid Trailer Bunk Latch Repair


For each and also every T-handle latch

3/32" Aluminum plate, 3" x 6" most likely 4" x 6" could have worked better, but I purchased a scrap regarding this at a metal dealer pertaining to a few us dollars plus it gave me the particular 4 small pieces. I later on noticed a new 1-ft square bit of aluminum from Canadian Tire in which could have labored along with given 4 6" x 6" squares.Five associated with #8x1" round-head Robertson zinc-plated sheet metal screws.Outdoor sealant (caulk) of one's choiceToolsHacksaw as well as jigsaw with metal blade1-1/16" Long-reach socketRobertson screwdriverAdjustable wrenches (8" and also 6" okay) or even pliersDrill along with bit setMetal fileRemoving your T-Latch in the Bunk Bed

Remove the 2 nuts and washers which contain the latch for the handle bolt too as virtually any plastic insures or even seals. Use the actual 1-1/16" socket to remove the big nut which props up handle down for the bunk (the latch itself fit nicely inside the socket, along with I employed a new wrench to show it ). Remove the actual latch and place every one associated with the parts in in order to a ziploc bag. Don't lose the large retaining nut as it's a strange size.