His baffling behavior and contradictory views were further shown whenever he spoke of some woman who had

supposedly cheated on her partner, whether it was the wife/girlfriend

of someone he knew or a stranger, and even if it was just speculation

or rumor.

He would spend ridiculous amounts of time suggesting suitable

revenge or punishment for such women, most of which would be

incomprehensible to myself or anyone else, but if anything was said

about the irrationality of his thoughts, the unsuspecting person would

be relentlessly insulted and humiliated for their supposed lack of

humor and this page faith in his true nature (WTF?).

Of course I would always Find Out More then be terrified whenever he harped on

about how obvious it was that I was being unfaithful, which happened

quite often even though I never once was unfaithful.

In fact, I only

ever once came even remotely close to cheating on him, and all that

was, was a period of a couple of weeks when I realized I was thinking

about a friend more than perhaps I should, and that I felt happy

whenever I thought of him. Though the thoughts and feelings were not in

any way sexual, I guess I felt they were more than I should be feeling

for a friend and that scared me to the point of telling the friend that

I could not see him for a while, and I told my guy that I was confused

about some feelings I had been having for the friend and that I had

ended the friendship because I did not want to cause any more problems

in our relationship, and that perhaps we needed to try and work on our

own relationship.

Unfortunately I probably should not have said

anything, because I was treated like I had confessed to a long term

affair of filthy sex and emotional infidelity.He harassed me about it

for years.