A leaky gas pipe is one of the most dangerous problems a home can have. Its important to detect it early in order to prevent the occurrence of a tragic accident. Gas pipe leaks can potentially start a raging inferno that will transform your beautiful home into a pile of smoking rubble. Beyond the thousands or millions of dollars in property damage, a fire that begins while youre asleep or unaware can potentially end you and your familys life as well. In addition, even if the gas never ignites, just breathing in the toxic chemicals can cause serious respiratory health issues.

Fortunately, this is damage that can easily be remedied. Anyone who even has the slightest experience in DIY projects can repair a leaky gas pipe with minimal hassle. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

#The first thing you need to do is determine the exact location of the breach. Running soapy water over the pipes surface and looking for bubbling areas is one good technique to easily find the hole. Once you know where the repair site is going to be, assemble together the equipment youd need. This list includes a steel band with sufficient length to encircle the pipe, a steel strap seal, packing material to block the leak and a tensioner.

#Place your blocking pad over the hole and then wrap the stainless steel banding strap over it. Slip on the strap seal and tighten the strip of metal as much as you can by hand.

#The next step important source is to over at this website use the tensioner to mechanically increase the pressure applied on the pipe by the stainless steel banding strap. Wind the tool until you reach a point of noticeable resistance. Dont overdo the tension as this can further damage the pipe. Now, without releasing the tool, double bend the excess length over itself for two inches. Only once youve done this can you release the tensioners grip safely.

#Cut off the leftover stainless steel band and slip its end into the other opening of the strap seal. Now, take a mallet and gently beat the seals flanges close over the metal banding. Congratulations! Youve just repaired your leaky gas pipe.